par Bové, Thierry;Goldstein, Jacques ;Viart, Pierre ;Deuvaert, Frank
Référence The annals of thoracic surgery, 64, 2, page (561-562)
Publication Publié, 1997-08
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We report on a 2-month-old infant with the unusual association of an upper sternal defect and tetralogy of Fallot. Surgical correction of the cardiac disease consisted of closing the ventricular septal defect and relief of the right ventricular outflow tract by infundibuloplasty. The already less compliant bony thorax of the infant made direct approximation of the upper sternal defect only possible with adjuvant bilateral chondrotomies. Sternal cleft repair is advised during the very first weeks of life, during which complete correction of the rarely associated tetralogy of Fallot can be successfully performed.