par Lacourt, Alice ;Sommereyns, Ghislaine ;Wantier, G.
Référence Analyst, 77, 921, page (943-953)
Publication Publié, 1952
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : It is possible to alter the aspect of a paper chromatogram by working on six influencing factors. The study of these influences leads to the definition of conditions for obtaining individual cation or anion chromatographic spots on paper. Examples of each influencing factor are given, together with working details for a new chromatographic separation of aluminium, titanium and iron in three individual spots. This separation has been quantitatively checked on chlorides by colorimetric measurements of the three eluted elements. The whole procedure needs 330 minutes and results are accurate to within ±2 per cent. Steels and refractories have been successfully submitted to this analysis.