par Roy, Radha Raman ;Groven, Louis
Référence Physical Review, 87, 4, page (619-621)
Publication Publié, 1952
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The nuclear scattering of positrons from Rh102 by nitrogen was investigated by the cloud chamber method. The number of photographs taken was about 5000, yielding 5212 positrons of energy lying between 0.53 Mev and 0.98 Mev with a total track length of 712 meters. The number of cases of scattering observed was 85.0, whereas Massey's theory predicted 8.19. The ratio of the experimental results, which covered the angular range 15°to 85°, to the theory was 0.96. This agreement favors the assumption of Massey that the scattering of positrons takes place on the interaction of the Dirac particle of positive charge with the field of the nucleus. © 1952 The American Physical Society.