par Cosyns, Max ;Dilworth, Constance ;Occhialini, Guiseppe ;Schoenberg, M.;Page, Nora
Référence Proceedings of the Physical Society. Section A, 62, 12, page (801-805), 306
Publication Publié, 1949
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Observations on the decay and capture of μ-mesons in Kodak NT4 and Ilford G5 photographic emulsions are described. It is found, in agreement with other workers, that 63±4% of all μ-mesons stopping in the emulsion decay with the emission of a fast electron, a result which is shown to be in reasonable agreement with theoretical predictions. The emission of slow electrons is observed from 7.2±1.3% of all slow mesons, and these are ascribed mainly to an Auger effect accompanying the capture of μ-mesons.