Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In the present paper, a standardized method for the induction and registration of platelet thrombi in arterioles (500 μm diameter) of small laboratory animals is described in full detail. Using an optoelectronic analogue computer device, different discriminating parameters characteristic for the thrombotic phenomenon are presented. As the topical application of exogenous PAF-acether induces the generation of endogenous PAF-acether according to previous investigations (Bourgain et al. (1985) Prostaglandins 30, 185) it was deemed interesting to investigate the effect of hydrogen peroxide using the described methodology. It was found that the latter substance not only primes the effect of PAF-acether-induced thrombosis, but also can trigger by itself PAF-acether modulated arterial thrombus formation. Experimental evidence is adduced that these thrombotic phenomena can be most efficiently down regulated by specific PAF-acether antagonists.