par Souchez, Roland
Référence Journal of Glaciology, 6, 44, page (249-254)
Publication Publié, 1966
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Two types ofmorainic deposits can be found in western S0r-Rondane mountains: the super- glacial morainic ridge the material of which comes from slope evolution, and the hillocky moraine whose origin is related to shear planes in the glacier and therefore subglacial. A hypothesis of the formation of the hillocky moraine is given and the lithological composition of this deposit allows us to deduce the importance of glacial erosion at the level of the ice falls which frequently exist at the beginning of outlet glaciers where they leave the polar ice sheet. On this step, the role of glacier Auctuations is of importance in relation to a special periglacial process: greenhouse frost shattering