Résumé : We propose the use of whispering gallery mode coupling in a novel configuration based on implementing a thin film cell on the backside of an array of parallel fibers. We performed numerical calculations using the parameters of a thin film organic cell which demonstrate that light coupling becomes more effective as the angle for the incident light relative to the fiber array normal increases up to an optimal angle close to 55 deg. At this angle the power conversion efficiency of the fiber array solar cell we propose becomes 30% times larger than the one from an equivalent planar cell configuration. We demonstrate that the micro fiber array solar cell we propose may perform an effective partial tracking of the sun movement for over 100 degrees without any mechanical help. In addition, in the event that such fiber array cell would be installed with the adequate orientation on a vertical façade, an optimal photon-to-charge conversion would be reached for sunlight incident at 55 deg with respect to the horizon line, very close to the yearly average position for the sun at Latitude of 40 deg.