Résumé : Objective. Try to target the effects of a training of Gymnastic Hipopressive (GH) of 10 meetings on the statics of the dorsolumbar column. Material. Different instruments of measurement were used: plummet, metric tape; as well as a camera Nikon Coolpix 5200, which images were treated with the computer software "Image Tool". Methods. A double blind study, where the population were of the same age. Twenty nine students, divided in 2 groups: the first group was trained with GH for an hour a week during ten weeks, with standardization of the exercises; while the second one followed only a postural training. To all of them a series of test were realized before the study and also later: flexibility of the vertebral column, muscular extensibility and enclosed pose measurements static and dynamic; so that every parameter was compared statistically by means of the test Student-Newman-Keuls. Results. We have found significant variations in the group of study with regard to the controls: in the static of the spine (cervical arrow: p = 0.002; dorsal p = 0.0001; lumbar p = 0.006) in the position of the occipital axis (p = 0.04); as well as also in the measurements of flexibility of the column, above all, in the flexion of trunk parameters (p = 0.005). And also in the isometric strength of the expanding muscles: Sorensen-Biering test (p = 0.02). Conclusions. The GH has an effect on the statics of the dorsolumbar column and believe that these results are very encouraging and must be considered, nevertheless, the research must continue.