par Paulot, Louis
Référence The journal of high energy physics (Online), 8, 10, page (2413-2432)
Publication Publié, 2004-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A range of bosonic models can be expressed as (sometimes generalized) σ-models, with equations of motion coming from a selfduality constraint. We show that in D = 2, this is easily extended to supersymmetric cases, in a superspace approach. In particular, we find that the configurations of fields of a superconformal script B sign/hook sign coset models which satisfy some selfduality constraint are automatically solutions to the equations of motion of the model. Finally, we show that symmetric space σ-models can be seen as infinite-dimensional script B sign/hook sign models constrained by a selfduality equation, with script B sign the loop extension of script B sign and hook sign a maximal subgroup. It ensures that these models have a hidden global script B sign symmetry together with a local hook sign gauge symmetry. © SISSA/ISAS 2004.