par De Fazio, Thomas Luca;Delchambre, Alain ;De Lit, Pierre
Référence Revue-M. Mécanique, 42, 1, page (25-31)
Publication Publié, 1997-03
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Office electronic equipment continues to proliferate, and to be discarded, for a variety of reasons. This paper outlines the magnitude of the problem and shows why we have chosen PC's as our major consideration. The problems associated with discarding PC's are implied by or embodied in various details of PC's and in the customs of their use. These details and the manners in which they affect the disposal issue are reviewed in the third section. The fourth section presents the key issues affecting the scrapping of computers and what is done in Europe and USA. The fifth section is an attempt to try to capture and predict what the future may bring regarding the goal of reducing electronic office machinery mass going to the landfill. Policy issues are reviewed in the last section.