par Bouillon, Jean ;Levi, Claude
Référence Cell and tissue research, 121, 2, page (218-231)
Publication Publié, 1971-06
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The anchoring devices of hydranths to their thecae have been studied in various Thecata families by means of histochemical, histological and electron microscope techniques. In all the genera examined have been observed joints fastening the mesoglea to the theca or an expansion thereof. These joints of desmocytes appear as stiff stalks with broadened extremities. The one included in the mesoglea is massive, spread out and in intimate contact with the mesoglean fibers. The other, ending in the perisarc, is largely opened and has numerous digitations ensuring its efficient anchoring. The axis of the desmocytes is solid. The joints are not chitinous nor constituted by mesoglean or muscular fibers. Their proteinaceous nature seems to relate them rather to the "tonofibrils". © 1971 Springer-Verlag.