par Bareille, Olivier O.A.;Ichchou, Mohamed M.N.;Chettah, Ameur
Référence Proceedings - European Conference on Noise Control, page (840-845)
Publication Publié, 2012
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This paper addresses the estimation of the acoustic properties of porous material by reconstructing the acoustic field surrounding this latter. The absorption coefficient's estimation is obtained from a plane wave decomposition of the pressure field, measured at some location within an acoustic waveguide. The problem considered herein has already been dealt with in the open literature, but the approach proposed here improves some aspects and brings more accuracy and robustness specifically with regards to noisy data. The proposed technique first estimates the wavenumber of the acoustic field. The incident and reflected wave components are then identified through cost function optimization, and the accuracy of the formulation is assessed. The surface impedance and acoustic absorption are evaluated for a number of porous materials, especially compound granulates from recycled materials. The non-acoustic parameters are thus derived using an inverse approach. The parameters describing the microscopic behavior are defined. From these acoustic properties measured by this method, a technique to identify the six non-acoustic parameters is applied for different granular rubber and foams. The predicted acoustic quantities showed good agreements with measured values. © European Acoustics Association.