Résumé : N2-broadened line widths and N2-pressure induced line shifts have been measured for transitions in the v1+v3 band of acetylene at seven temperatures in the range 213-333K to obtain the temperature dependences of broadening and shift coefficients. For the room-temperature spectra the line mixing effects have been also investigated. The Voigt and hard-collision line profile models were used to retrieve the line parameters. All spectra were recorded using a 3-channel tuneable diode laser spectrometer. The line-broadening and line-shifting coefficients as well as their temperature-dependence parameters have been also evaluated theoretically, in the frame of a semi-classical approach based on an exponential representation of the scattering operator, an intermolecular potential composed of electrostatic quadrupole-quadrupole and pairwise atom-atom interactions as well as on exact trajectories driven by an effective isotropic potential. © 2012 Taylor and Francis.