Résumé : In this paper, we proposed a smart cylindrical membrane shell panel (SCMSP) model for vibration-based energy harvester. The SCMSP is made of an orthotropic elastic core covered by outer PVDF layers with transverse polarization vector. Electrodynamics governing equations of motion are derived by applying extended Hamilton's principle. The governing equations are based on Donnell's linear thin shell theory. The SCMSP displacement fields are expanded by means of double Fourier series satisfying immovable edges with free rotation boundary conditions and coupled system of linear partial differential equations are obtained. The discretized linear ordinary differential equations of motion are obtained using Galerkin method. The output power is taken as an indicating criterion for the generator. A parametric study for MEMS applications is conducted to predict the power generated due to radial harmonic ambient vibration. Optimal resistance value is also obtained for the particular electrode distribution that gives maximum output power. A low vibration amplitude (5 Pa), and a low-frequency (471.79 Hz) vibration source is targeted for the resonance operation, in which the output power of 0.4111 μW and peak-to-peak voltage of 0.2952 V are predicted. © Springer-Verlag 2012.