par Vincke, Marc
Référence Journal of Physics. B, Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, 23, 12, page (1991-2001), 010
Publication Publié, 1990
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Mass polarisation corrections are computed to the first order of perturbation, for the lowest ML=0 to -2 bound states of H- and He in a strong magnetic field (B>or=1 MT). The zero-order energies and wavefunctions are provided by a previous variational calculation. The mass polarisation corrections split into two components, respectively longitudinal and transverse to the field. Like the field-free mass polarisation, the longitudinal component remains weak for all the states studied. However, the -1-s, -1-T and -2+ s transverse mass polarisation corrections become significant with respect to the binding energy when the magnetic field is sufficiently high.