par Pniewski, Jacek;Szymański, Zdzisław;Davis, Dudley;Sacton, Jean
Référence Nuclear physics. B, 2, 3, page (317-325)
Publication Publié, 1967-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The possibility of the existence of an isomeric state of Λ7Li is considered. The conclusion appears to depend crucially on the energy of the excited state 5 2+ of Λ7Li. If only the spin-dependent central Λ-N forces are taken into account to explain the splitting of the states in hypernuclei then different values of parameter Δ for different states have to be considered. Tensor and spin-orbit forces might contribute to the explanation of the apparent changes of Δ for different p-shell hypernuclei in their ground and excited states. © 1967.