par Droissart, Vincent ;Sonke, Bonaventure ;Stevart, Tariq
Référence Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique, 76, 1, page (3-84)
Publication Publié, 2006
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A list of 108 endemic taxa from Atlantic Central Africa occuring in Cameroon is given. Among these, 72 (67 %) are epiphytes, 7 (6 %) are facultative epiphytes and 29 (27 %) are terrestrial. These figures may present important local variations: from lowland to montane forest, the proportion of epiphytes decreases with about 20 %. Fourty three (40 %) taxa are known only from Cameroon and the specific endemism for Orchidaceae in this country is ca. 8.8 %. Two genera, Gastrodia R.Br. and Ossiculum P.J.Cribb & Laan, are endemic to Cameroon. The species Polystachya bipoda Stévart, Ancistrorhynchus obovata Stévart inedit., Cyrtorchis submontana Stévart inedit., Tridactyle anthomoniaca (Rchb.f.) Summerh. subsp. nana P.J.Cribb & Stévart, Ancistrorhynchus crystalensis P.J.Cribb & Laan and Polystachya kubalae Szlach. & Olsz. are newly recorded for the flora of Cameroon. Twenty four taxa were not recorded in Cameroon by Szlachetko & Olszewski (1998, 2001a & 2001b), but were already cited in the literature as present in Cameroon. For each taxon, exhaustive or thorough literature is provided, as well as the distribution in Atlantic Central Africa, a list of specimens known from Cameroon and an assessment of the conservation status. According to IUCN criteria, 4 % of the taxa are Least Concerned (LC), 29 % are Critically Endangered (CR), 24 % are Endangered (EN) and 35 % are Vulnerable (VU). All rights reserved. © 2006 National Botanic Garden.