par Sfeir, Jihane
Référence Vingtième siècle, revue d'histoire, 103, 3, page (105-109)
Publication Publié, 2009-08
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This paper studies the identification of Palestinians in Lebanon during the first years following their exile (1947-1958). The article starts with a look at the establishment of official borders separating Lebanon from Mandate Palestine and ultimately from the State of Israel post-1948. It is then necessary to look at all the policies that defined the institutional Lebanese attitude regarding a foreign population. The article ends with an analysis of the impact of borders on the remaking of new Palestinian and Lebanese identities, of the redefinition of the space in which these identities were constructed on both sides of the line separating French-mandated Lebanon from British-dominated Palestine, and from an independent Lebanon and the new State of Israel.