Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : 63 normal Ss, divided into independant groups on the basis of the performance during a 1st session under placebo, worked for 40 min on a self-paced 4-choice key pressing task, under either 1200 mg meprobamate, 1200 mg emylcamate or placebo. Speed was significantly impaired by both drugs, errors and blockings being unaffected. No difference was found between the two drugs. The authors consider their results as tentative. Different motivating conditions should be investigated before a definite comparison can be done between the effect of the drugs and those of other stresses found on the same kind of task. An interesting side result is a significant effect on number of blockings of the length of very short interruptions between beginning of response and beginning of next signal. © 1962 Springer-Verlag.