Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Interleukin-5 (IL-5) is a T-cell cytokine involved in Type 2 diseases and is commonly described as being coordinately regulated with other Type 2 cytokines, such as IL-4 and IL-13. Considering the unique control of eosinophilia by IL-5, such coordinate regulation would be surprising. In fact, the biological specificity of eosinophilia and its control by IL-5 suggests a unique and independent control of IL-5 regulation. In this report we show the binding of GATA-3 to three sites in the human IL-5 promoter in the human T-cell line PER117. The previously identified -70 site and another site at position - 152 are shown to positively regulate IL-5 transcription. More importantly, the site located at -400 acts as a powerful repressor of IL-5 transcription with mutagenesis of this site allowing a high level expression of IL-5 without the activation of other factors normally required for IL-5 expression. Whereas GATA-3 has been proposed to be involved in the regulation of the IL-4/IL-5/ IL-13 locus, we show here that it has another function in controlling IL-5 transcription that supports the observed unique biological function of this cytokine.