Résumé : The influence of the orientation angles of the target nucleus symmetry axis, relative to the beam direction, on the production of the evaporation residues is investigated for the 48Ca+154Sm reaction as a function of beam energy. At low energies (Ec.m. < 137 MeV), the yield of evaporation residues is observed only for collisions with small orientation angles (αT < 45°). At large energies (about Ec.m. = 140-180 MeV), all orientation angles αT can contribute to the evaporation residue cross section σER in the 10-100 mb range. At Ec.m. > 180 MeV, σER ranges approximately 0.1-10 mb because the fission barrier for a compound nucleus decreases with increasing excitation energy and angular momentum. ©2008 The Physical Society of Japan.