par Potting, Robertus
Référence Nuclear physics. B, 355, 3, page (777-800)
Publication Publié, 1991
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Using a convenient paramelrization of the manifold of diffeomorphisms of the circle modulo global rotations DiffS1/S1, we derive its two-parameter set of invariant symplectic structures and explicit form of the corresponding Poisson brackets. The quantization is performed explicitly, and the resulting quantum systems are verified to correspond to highest weight representations of the Virasoro group (in fact, to Verma modules), as expected from Kirillov-Kostant theory. A close link with quantum Liouville theory is pointed out, which is used to construct a model space which yields representations with null-vectors upon quantization, thereby giving some geometrical insight into the form of the Kac relations.