Résumé : The DNA sequences involved in transcription control by a cAMP-dependent mechanism have been localized in the thyroglobulin gene promoter region by a functional assay. The proximal 5'-flanking sequences from the bovine thyroglobulin gene were linked to the bacterial chloramphenicol acetyl-transferase gene. Transient expression of this reporter gene was studied in dog thyrocytes in primary culture in the presence, or absence, of cAMP stimulation. Deletion analysis showed that the cAMP-responsive region is contained within the first 250 base-pairs of the promoter, and suggests that it could correspond to a sequence conserved between species. These DNA sequences do not bear significant homology with cAMP-responsive elements (CRE) described previously. By contrast, some similarities were found with the fat-specific element (FSE2) of genes under cAMP control in adipocytes and with DNA elements mediating cAMP-dependent regulation of expression of two different genes in the lower eukaryote Dictyostelium discoideum. This suggests that control of Tg gene transcription by cAMP could involve a mechanism different from the one mediated by a classical CRE.