par Antoniou, Ioannis ;Karpov, Evgueni ;Pronko, G.P.
Référence Foundations of physics, 31, 11, page (1641-1655)
Publication Publié, 2001-11
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We investigate the applicability of Hegerfeldts arguments on Quantum nonlocality in Quantum Electrodynamics following the work of Prigogine, Pronko, Petrosky Ordonez and Karpov. We demonstrate the appearance of nonlocal effects at the level of quantum states. We show, however that the expectation values of some observables spread causally. Therefore the measurement of the nonlocality is questionable. We investigate an approach to classical measurement and conclude that the classical measurement cannot detect the "acausal" effects of the non-locality.