par Van Pevenage, Claire ;Amrouni, Malek
Référence Cahiers de psychologie clinique, 23, 2, page (225-245)
Publication Publié, 2004-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : It is through a case study that we'll point out how cardiac anomaly affects the patient in his/her totality : his/her personality, family, culture. It can be considered a bio-psycho-social phenomenon which has to be treated in its medical, psychological and cultural complexity. We will also highlight that cardiac anomaly generates pain and that this pain is worked off and integrated by the child and his/her family. When the anomaly appears early in life, the child identity incorporates, as it's the case for the eyes or hair color, the condition of being sick. Healing leads to a whole reorganization. The time after surgery should be prepared, negotiated and taken into account during the hospitalization. Furthermore, family members might try to avoid painful affects and the fear of a premature death in order not to increase the others' supposed pain. That king of strategy involves sacrifices and everybody has to pay the price. Our intervention aims to re-establish verbalization, interactions and social acknowledgement through the discussion group.