par Simon, Caroline
Référence “It’s for your own good” A century of juvenile justice practices in Belgium (1912-2012)(May 3rd 2013: ULB), It ’ s for your own good!, Research on Youth justice
Publication A Paraître, s.d.
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : This article studies the relations between families from a migrant background and Belgian family justice and assesses, through an empirical methodology, how the cultural diversity is addressed by judges in the courtrooms. The first part broaches the framework of the research (1. and 2.) and deals with the notion of cultural diversity, trying to define what kinds of challenges come to the fore (3.1.). The second part focuses on a case study in order to show how the administrative dimension, one of the most important issue for families with a migrant background, can influence the opinion-making process of the judges and thus family justice for migrants on the whole (3.2).