par Martens, Didier
Référence Goya, 344, page (191-207)
Publication Publié, 2013
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Joaquin Maria Bover's Noticia histórico-artistica de los Museos del Eminentisimo Señeor Cardenal Despuig existentes en Mallorca, published in 1845, describes the collections of Roman sculptures and European pictures assembled by the wealthy Majorcan cardinal Antonio Despuig (1745-1813). Although the short records are often inaccurate, the Noticia proves to be an important information source for art historians, especially for early Netherlandish painting scholars. The cardinal owned two Bruges Renaissance altarpieces, probably acquired in Majorca: the retable of St. Anna, St. Anthony and St. Nicolas, attributed to a pupil of Gerard David and nowadays divided between four museums of the Anglo-Saxon world, and Adriaen Isenbrant's Calvary with three Saints, since 1945 conserved in Budapest. He also possessed a work signed by Hieronymus Bosch probably bought in Venice: the Last Judgment triptych, now in the Bruges Groeningemuseum.