par Debeir, Olivier ;Adanja, Ivan ;Kiss, Robert ;Decaestecker, Christine
Référence Annual Symposium of the IEEE/EMBS Benelux Chapter(I: 7-8 December 2006: Brussels), Belgian Day on Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Benelux EMBS Symposium
Publication Publié, 2006-12
Abstract de conférence
Résumé : In vitro cell observation has been widely used by biologists for years and covers a wide range of applications: cancer and cell proliferation, cell migration or chemotactism, embryology, drug testing. Nowadays the use of computer assisted-microscopy (or time-laps microscopy) allows the handling of considerably large amount of image data, which is acquired during experiments possibly lasting from several hours to several days. If cell cultures are observed for long periods of time (2-4 days), it becomes possible to detect less frequent cell events, such as cell division or cell death. We describe in this work a semi-automatic approach of studying the cell division event itself - starting from the cell exhibiting a round shaped form to the final daughter cells separation.