par Kozyreff, Gregory ;Erneux, Thomas
Référence Proceedings - Royal Society. Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences, 470, 20130596
Publication Publié, 2013-12-18
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We study the onset of sustained oscillations in a classical state-dependent delay (SDD) differential equation inspired by control theory. Due to the large delays considered, the Hopf bifurcation is singular and the oscillations rapidly acquire a sawtooth profile past the instability threshold. Using asymptotic techniques, we explicitly capture the gradual change from nearly sinusoidal to sawtooth oscillations. The dependence of the delay on the solution can be either linear or nonlinear, with at least quadratic dependence. In the former case, an asymptotic connection is made with the Rayleigh oscillator. In the latter, van der Pol's equation is derived for the small-amplitude oscillations. SDD differential equations are currently the subject of intense research in order to establish or amend general theorems valid for constant-delay differential equation, but explicit analytical construction of solutions are rare. This paper illustrates the use of singular perturbation techniques and the unusual way in which solvability conditions can arise for SDD problems with large delays.