Résumé : Background:Four-and-a-half LIM domains protein 2 (FHL2) is a component of the focal adhesion structures and has been suggested to have a role in cancer progression. It has been shown to be overexpressed in the colorectal cancer (CRC).Methods:Here, we examined a possible prognostic value of FHL2 in CRC. Immunohistochemistry for FHL2 was performed on 296 CRCs without distant metastases at the time of surgery. Staining in the epithelial compartment was quantitatively evaluated using image analysis, and results were related to clinical variables. Antibody specificity was tested using small-interfering RNA transfection in hTERT-immortalised myofibroblasts.Results:Varying degrees of cytoplasmic FHL2 expression by neoplastic epithelial cells were detectable in all cases. Higher FHL2 expression in the epithelial compartment was an independent adverse prognostic factor. Multivariate Cox analysis shows that expression in the tumour invasion front (P<0.001) as well as in the centre of the tumour (P<0.001) was associated with metachronous metastases independently of the clinicopathological variables; expression in the tumour invasion front was also associated with overall survival independently of the clinicopathological variables (P<0.01).Conclusion:Higher FHL2 expression is involved in CRC progression and correlates with the development of metachronous metastases and overall survival, suggesting that FHL2 is an independent adverse prognostic indicator for CRC. © 2013 Cancer Research UK. All rights reserved.