par Dechamps, Xavier ;Rasquin, Michel ;Jansen, K.E.;Degrez, Gérard
Référence Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation(IX: 3-5 avril 2013: Dresden), ERCOFTAC Series, Springer
Publication A Paraître, s.d.
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The numerical simulation of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flows has achieved tremendous progress for the last few decades. Nevertheless, little is known about the physical mechanisms that forge the particular patterns of the MHD flows. A recent numerical work of D.S. Krasnov (2012) focused on the main characteristics of turbulent flows (Reynolds number of 100,000 and Hartmann number ranging between 0 and 400) in a rectangular duct with insulated walls and transverse magnetic field. He put forward the partially laminarised pattern of the core and the large-scale elongated vortical structures along the magnetic field direction.So far, little is known about the properties of turbulence in the similar case of a pipe flow. This work aims at comparing the previously cited results with those appearing in a circular pipe with transverse magnetic field for the same configurations of Reynolds and Hartmann numbers and of wall conductivity.