par Botton, Quentin Q. B.;Fortz, Bernard
Référence International Network Optimization Conference(22-25/04/2007: Spa), Proceeding of THE International Network Optimization Conference
Publication Publié, 2007-04
Abstract de conférence
Résumé : This paper considers the K-edge-disjoint hop-constrained Network Design Problem (HCNDP) which consistsin finding a minimum cost subgraph such that there exists at least K-edge-disjoint paths betweenorigins and destinations of demands, and such that the length of these paths is at most equal to a givenparameter L. This problem was considered in the past using only design variables. Here, we consideran extended node-arc formulation, introducing flow variables to model the paths. We conjecture that ourformulation leads to the complete description of the associated polyhedron and we provide an algorithmleading to good performances in terms of computing times.