par Clumeck, Nathan ;Cran, Sophie;Van de Perre, Philippe ;Mascart, Françoise ;Duchateau, J;Bolla, K
Référence Survey of Immunologic Research, 4 Suppl 1, page (58-62)
Publication Publié, 1985
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Three pilot studies testing thymopentin in AIDS patients are presented. One study included 5 patients with the full-blown syndrome, all treated with 50 mg thymopentin 3 times a week by intravenous slow infusion; no immunologically nor clinically positive results were observed, indicating that the T cell pool in such patients is severely depleted. Six other patients with the prodromal stage of AIDS were treated 1 month with 50 mg thymopentin administered as an intravenous bolus injection 3 times weekly and thereafter for another month with same dose regimen as intravenous slow infusions. The patients on infusion therapy experienced statistically significant immunological improvements; these positive findings were paralleled with an improvement of the patients' clinical condition. These positive responses persisted for an average of 8 months. In another group of 5 pre-AIDS patients thymopentin was administered via the subcutaneous route using 15 mg 3 times weekly; only 1 patient revealed immunological and clinical improvement. In summary, only patients with the pre-AIDS syndrome are likely to benefit from immunomodulation therapy with thymopentin, and the mode of administration seems to be crucial.