• Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks opinion on: The revised chapter for Human Health Risk Characterisation of the Technical Guidance Document on Risk Assessment in support of Directive 93/67/EEC on new notified substances and Regulation 1488/94 on existing substances of new and existing substances (Draft of November 2005) Members ot the Working Group of SCHER by alph
Auteur:Autrup, Herman; Calow, Peter; Dekant, Wolfgang; Greim, Helmut; Wojciech, Hanke; Janssen, Colin; Jansson, Bo; Komulainen, Hannu; Ladefoged, Ole; Linders, Jan; Mangelsdorf, Inge; Nuti, Marco; Steenhout, Anne; Tarazona, Jose; Testai, Emanuela; Vighi, Marco; Viluksela, Matti
Informations sur la publication:Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks
Statut de publication:Publié, 2006
Sujet CREF:Environnement et pollution
Technologie de l'environnement, contrôle de la pollution
Médecine de l'environnement
Ecologie chimique
Note générale:Adopted by the SCHER during the 13th plenary of 19 September 2006
Members ot the Working Group of SCHER by alphabetical order:W. Dekant, C. Fruijtier-Pölloth (External expert;) H. Greim (chair), O. Ladefoged, A. Steenhout, M.Viluksela ; 16 p.
Chemicals under Reg.793/93