Travail de recherche/Working paper
Résumé : The literature on antidumping (AD) has documented various aspects of thisprotectionist tool. However, a peculiar feature of AD has not receivedmuch attention: these measures are endogenous to the behavior of theexporting firms, which can adjust the dumping margin by changing theirexport price and ask the authority to amend the AD measures accordingly.The objective of this paper is to fill part of this gap in the literature byanalyzing the AD reviews conducted by the European Union foraffirmative petitions initiated in 1980-2009. To this end, a novel dataset ofall such reviews has been assembled. Summary statistics reveal that morethan a third of all petitions concluded with the imposition of AD measuresare reviewed at least once before their expiration and most reviews lead tolower AD duties (still, almost 20% of the firms investigated throughinterim reviews see their duties increase). There are significant differencesin the outcome of the reviews depending on the party requesting them (i.e.,reviews lodged by European producers are less likely to lead to lowerduties). These conclusions are confirmed by the econometric analysis,which also shows that Chinese firms see their duties reduced significantlyless than those of firms from other countries.