par Kelleher, Bryan;Goulding, D.;Hegarty, Stephen;Huyet, Guillaume;Viktorov, Evgeny ;Erneux, Thomas
Editeur scientifique Wang, Zhiming
Référence Quantum Dot Devices, Springer, New York, Ed. 1, page (1-22)
Publication Publié, 2012
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : The response of an optically injected quantum dot semiconductor laser is studied both experimentally and theoretically. Specifically, the locking boundaries are investigated, revealing features more commonly associated with Class A lasers rather than conventional Class B semiconductor lasers (SLs). Further, various dynamical regimes are observed including excitability and multistability. Of particular interest is the observation of a phase-locked bistability. We determine the stability diagram analytically using appropriate rate equations for quantum dot lasers. In particular, the saddle-node (SN) and Hopf bifurcations forming the locking boundaries are examined and are shown to reproduce the observed experimental stability features. The generation of the phase-locked bistability is also explained via a combination of these bifurcations.