• Final SCALE Report on Actions and Recommendations for Integrated Monitoring of Heavy Metals under the framework of the European Environment and Health Strategy
Auteur:Aertgeerts, Roger; Allegrini, Ivo; Barregard, Lars; Bidoglio, Giovanni; Biesiada, Marek; Boreiko, Craig; Boudet, Céline; Castano, Argelia; Claeys, Natacha; Freudenschuss, Alexandra; Gallotti, Sophie; Gawlik, Bernd; Hazebrouck, Benoit; Migliore, Lucia; Nader, Franz; Nilsson, Staffan; Pietrodangelo, Adriana; Pitié, Bernard; De Fátima Reis, Maria; Sampaio, Carla; Schoning, Gabriele; Steenhout, Anne; Todorova, Ivanka; Tringham, Gavin; Walters, Ben; Zielonka, Urszula
Informations sur la publication:Technical Secretariat AEA Technology Environment, Abingdon; Oxfordshire; United Kingdom
Statut de publication:Publié, 2004-03
Sujet CREF:Environnement et pollution
Technologie de l'environnement, contrôle de la pollution
Médecine de l'environnement
Ecologie chimique
Volumes/pages:56 p.
Note générale:(COM 2003)338 final)Produced by the DG ENV Technical Working Group on Integrated Monitoring – Biomonitoring of Children/The SCALE Initiative (Scientific evidence, focused on Children, meant to raise Awareness, improve the situation by use of Legal instruments and ensure a continual Evaluation of the progress made)56 p. and Annex, 129 p