par Poels, JP;Préat, Alain
Référence Bulletin de la Société belge de géologie, 92, 4, page (337-350)
Publication Publié, 1983
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The disused sphalerite-galena mine at Vedrin, Belgium, shows a 160 m-thick uninterrupted, well-stratified series of limestones and mainly dolostones. Several evaporitic horizons are characterized by pseudomorphous lenticular or lozenge-shaped gypsum and nodular anhydrite. Petrographic study distinguished 12 carbonate microfacies of sedimentary environments similar to supratidal sabkhas. The dynamic evolution is described on the basis of dolomitization in which pseudomorphs of lutecite and quartzine type occur. The Lower Visean at Vedrin can be compared with present-day sediments in the Persian Gulf.-R.V.T.