Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : It is known that heat and moisture exchangers have a positive effect on the respiratory system in patients after total laryngectomy. The ATOS and INHEALTH devices are most frequently used in Belgium. However, recently a new device, the HME filter Cyranose, has become available. As a pilot study, this device has been applied to a total of 12 patients in three different centres. The temperature of the inspired air was considered as good or excellent in 90% of our patients at the 1st week and up to 100% at the 3rd month. The air humidification was considered as good or excellent in 100% of the patient population, and the HME filter positively influenced the phlegm production in 78% of our laryngectomy population. Our study stresses the benefits of a HME filter in general and seems promising for the Cyranose HME filter.