Résumé : The average levels of cholecystokinin (CCK)-8- and CCK-like peptides present in aqueous and acidic extracts of the brain of the newborn rat were, respectively, 5.3 and 2.9 pmol/g wet weight. These low levels increased 20- and 10-fold, respectively, so as to attain, at 25-30 days post partum, values comparable to those found in adult brain. There was also a rapid deposition of CCK-gastrin-like peptides in the whole gut between day 20 post coitum and day 10 post partum, when maximal concentrations were attained. Later, less CCK-gastrin peptides than other gut components were accumulated during the progressive weaning of the young rats, so that the average concentrations of CCK-gastrin-like peptides were, at day 30, similar to those observed in adult gut.