par Abreu, Paulo;Bertrand, Daniel ;Bricman, Claude ;Lefebure, Véronique ;Wickens, John H. ; [et al.]
Référence Zeitschrift für Physik. C, Particles and fields, 68, 3, page (375-390)
Publication Publié, 1995
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The production and decay of beauty baryons (b-baryons) have been studied using 1.7×106 Z hadronic decays collected by the DELPHI detector at LEP. Three different techniques were used to identify the b-baryons. The first method used pairs of a Λ and a lepton to tag the b-baryon decay. The second method associated fully reconstructed ΛC baryons with leptons. The third analysis reconstructed the b-baryon decay points by forming secondary vertices from identified protons and muons of opposite sign. Using these methods the following production rates were measured:[Figure not available: see fulltext.] The average b-baryon lifetime was determined to be:[Figure not available: see fulltext.] © 1995 Springer-Verlag