par Abreu, Paulo;Bertrand, Daniel ; [et al.]
Référence Zeitschrift für Physik. C, Particles and fields, 67, page (1-13)
Publication Publié, 1995
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A measurement of the strange quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Z0 peak was performed using 718,000 multihadronic Z0 decays collected by the DELPHI detector at LEP in 1992. The s-quark was tagged by the presence of high momentum charged kaons identified by the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector and by Λ0;s decaying into pπ-. The s-quark purity obtained was estimated for the two hadrons to be 43%. The average s-quark asymmetry was found to be 0.131±0.035 (stat.) ±0.013 (syst.). The forward-backward asymmetry was measured for unresolved d-and s-quarks, tagged by the detection of a high energy neutron or neutral kaon in the Hadron Calorimeter. The combined d-and s-quark purity was 69% and their asymmetry was found to be 0.112±0.031 (stat.) ±0.054 (syst.). © 1995 Springer-Verlag.