Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Abstract View references (24)The weak mixing angle has been measured from the charge asymmetry of hadronic events with two different approaches using the DELPHI detector at LEP. Both methods are based on a momentum-weighted charge sum to determine the jet charge in both event hemispheres. In a data sample of 247 300 multihadronic Z0 decays a charge asymmetry of 〈QF〉 - 〈QB〉 = -0.0076±0.0012(stat.)±0.0005(exp. syst.)±0.0014(frag.) and a raw forward-backward asymmetry of Araw FB = -0.0109±0.0020(stat.)±0.0010(exp. syst.)±0.0017(frag.) have been measured. This result corresponds to a value of sinθeff=0.2345±0.0030(exp.)±0.0027(frag.) , sin2θMS=0.2341±0.0030(exp.)±0. 0027(frag.) and to sin2θW=1-m2 W/m2 Z=0.2299± 0.0030(exp.)±0.0027(frag.)±0.0028(theor.). The experimental error is the quadratic sum of the statistical and the experimental systematic error and the theoretical error originates from a value of mt=130±40 GeV/c2 and a range of mH from 45 GeV/c2 to 1000 GeV/c2.