• Resectability after two different chemotherapy regimens: results of the first step of a phase II randomised trial in initially resectable stage I-IIIa non-small cell lung cancer conducted by the European Lung Cancer Working Party
Auteur:Lothaire, Philippe; Berghmans, Thierry; Lafitte, Jean-Jacques; Giner, Vicente; Berchier, M.C.; Meert, Anne-Pascale; Paesmans, Marianne; Mommen, Paul; Ninane, Vincent; Sculier, Jean-Paul
Informations sur la publication:The European respiratory journal, 22
Statut de publication:Publié, 2003
Sujet CREF:Sciences bio-médicales et agricoles
Note publication spéciale:suppl 45: #1070
Note générale:13th ERS Annual Congress, Vienna, Austria, 27/09-01/10/2003