Résumé : Recent proteomic analyses are revealing the dynamics of preribosome assembly. Following cleavage at processing site A(2), which generates the 20S pre-rRNA (the immediate precursor to the 18S rRNA), early RRPs (ribosomal RNA processing factors) are released in bulk from the preribosomes, and the resulting pre-40S subunits are left associated with a limited set of proteins that we refer to as the SSU RRP complex. Dim2p, a core constituent of the SSU RRP complex and conserved KH-domain containing protein, is required for pre-rRNA processing and is associated with early nucleolar and late cytoplasmic pre-rRNA species. Consistently, Dim2p shuttles between the nucle(ol)us and the cytoplasm, a trafficking that is tightly regulated by growth. The association of Dim2p with the 18S rRNA dimethyltransferase Dim1p, as well as its requirement for pre-rRNA processing at cleavage sites A(1) and A(2) and for 18S rRNA dimethylation, suggest that Dim2p may recruit Dim1p to nucleolar pre-rRNAs through its KH domain.