Titre :
  • Brain and behavioral responses to unconscious ambiguity vary in function of defensivity: a subliminal priming/ERP study at the objective detection threshold
Auteur : Bazan, Ariane ; Winer, Sam Eric ; Kushwaha, R. ; Brakel, Linda ; Snodgrass, Michael ; Shevrin, Howard
Statut de publication : Non publié, 2008
Sujet CREF : Psychologie
Informations sur la conférence :
  • Seminar Series “From Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience to the Couch: Is there a Common Language?”: Conscious and Unconscious Processes, Data Blitz: Brief Interdisciplinary Research & Clinical Presentations Promoting Innovative Ideas (April 28th 2008: London, United Kingdom)
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  • Anglais