Titre :
  • Fragile Power in Troubled Times: the Inauguration of Maria Theresa in Brabant, a Central Sovereignty Condition in the Netherlands
Auteur : Cambrelin, Thomas
Statut de publication : Non publié, 2016-09-16
Sujet CREF : Histoire des temps modernes
Informations sur la conférence :
  • INAUGURATIONS AND CORONATIONS IN THE HABSBURG MONARCHY, 1700-1848, International Conference (15-16 septembre 2016: Ghent University)
Mots-clés : Legitimacy and Authority
Eighteenth Century History
Habsburg Studies
Austrian Netherlands
Austrian History
Empress Maria-Theresa of Austria
History of the Duchy of Brabant (Low Countries)
Ceremonial and Symbolic Representations of Sovereignty In Early Modern Europe
Joyous Entries
inauguration rituals
Langue :
  • Anglais
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