• Prediction of early distant relapses on tamoxifen in early-stage breast cancer (BC): a potential tool for adjuvant aromatase inhibitor (AI) tailoring.
Auteur:Loi, Sherene; Piccart-Gebhart, Martine; Haibe-Kains, Benjamin; Desmedt, Christine; Harris, Adrian; Bergh, Jonas; Tutt, AN; Miller, L.; Liu, Edison Tak-Bun; Sotiriou, Christos
Informations sur la publication:Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) (41th: May 13–17, 2005: Orlando, USA)
Statut de publication:Non publié, 2005
Sujet CREF:Cancérologie
Médecine pathologie humaine
Sciences bio-médicales et agricoles