Titre :
  • On the Usefulness of Action Tendencies Training and Brain Stimulation in the Modification of Alcohol Use Disorders. A Commentary on "Electrophysiological and Behavioral Effects of Combined Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Alcohol Approach Bias Retraining in Hazardous Drinkers" by den Uyl, Gladwin, and Wiers (ACER, 2016).
Auteur : Campanella, Salvatore ; Noël, Xavier
Informations sur la publication : Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 40, 12, (page 2516-2518)
Statut de publication : Publié, 2016-10
Sujet CREF : Sciences bio-médicales et agricoles
Note : FLWIN
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  • Anglais
Identificateurs : urn:issn:0145-6008