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  • Ab initio and localized molecular orbital studies of the integrated intensities of infrared absorption bands of polyatomic molecules. Part 4. - Complexes between chloroform and three aliphatic nitriles (CH3CN, CCl3CN and HCCCN); influence of hydrogen bonding on the CH and CN infrared characteristics in proton donor and acceptor molecules
Auteur : Figeys, Hubert ; Geerlings, Pau̧l ; Berckmans, Didier ; Van Alsenoy, Christian C.
Informations sur la publication : Journal of the Chemical Society. Faraday transactions II, 77, 5, (page 721-740)
Statut de publication : Publié, 1981
Sujet CREF : Généralités
Note : SCOPUS: ar.j
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  • Anglais
Identificateurs : urn:issn:0300-9238